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Serious growth-partner for ambitious online stores

We are for ambitious and growth-ready online stores who aspire to become a leader in their industry through paid advertising.

We are for ambitious and growth-ready online stores who aspire to become a leader in their industry through paid advertising.

How we profitably took an ecommerce store from $155,446 to $551,573 in only 12 months

In this 22-minute video, I will show you how:

  • You can remarkably increase your revenue without more ad spend

  • You can map out your customer journey and locate where you should focus

  • You can use the framework we used for this client to 3.5x revenue and double their returning customer rate.

Our Growth Collaboration Framework

Fast & effective communication

Communicating well is indispensable to a healthy collaboration. We use a software called Slack, where you will have your own channel for direct access to us, and you can expect fast replies. Slack is available for desktop and mobile.

Weekly video updates

We keep you up to date at all times, with easily digestible updates on video. We let you know what we’re doing, where your money is spent, current performance, and the plan for the following week.

Personal Dashboard

You will have your own personal dashboard that can be bookmarked in your browser. This gives you an instant overview of everything that our collaboration encapsules. This includes links to our Content Bank, Weekly updates, and last but not least, our daily work-log where you can see, in written text, exactly what we’re doing by the day.

Monthly strategy call

We set a fixed day of the month where we get together and discuss the performance of the preceding month, as well as our strategy and plan for the following.

We scale your business using

Meet the team

CEO & Founder, Lukas Siim, is in charge of leading the business in the right direction. He is dedicated to make sure we keep delivering an exceptional service to our clients, by always having a holistic view on the business.

Lukas has multiple years of experience in the industry and he has a deep understanding of what is needed to create truly remarkable results through email marketing.

COO, Alexander Ring, is in charge of controlling the daily operations. Dedicated to client relations and results, he continues to support and deliver what is needed when it’s needed.

Alexander is always looking strategically and deliberately at new ways to improve and optimize results and processes.

Client Reviews

Our clients are not only satisfied – They have never experienced the same caliber of
collaboration. Read their positive reviews here.

Are we a match?

We are a match if…

You think long-term within
your business

You are focused on creating
a scalable business

You have a growth mindset

You are looking at your agency
as an investment, not an expense

We are a NOT a match if…

You think short-term within
your business

You have a fixed mindset

You want a cheap agency,
with hourly rates

You want a supplier, not a partner

Are you ready?

Do as our current partners have done, and book a free 30-minute walk-through of your current marketing efforts with me, Lukas.

This meeting is for businesses that:

  • already have proof of concept and a revenue above 75.000 kr. /month
  • are ambitious and has big goals
  • wants a pro-active marketing partner

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